Friday, March 12, 2010

First Report: Something to think about...

Facebook: First Report

The link above takes you to a note I posted on Facebook about my First Report from one of my doctors about my prostate cancer and what to do about it.

Prostate cancer is daunting to any man who has watched his own relatives die of this horrid disease. I saw what it did to my own father in a time thirty years ago when PSA tests were not invented yet. The only way to detect any possibility of cancer in the prostate what through a DRE. If you could feel bumps or something unusual about the prostate, then it was the only alarm that doctors had.

What was not known back then was that by the time the doctor was able to feel any abnormality on the prostate, the disease had already progressed to a point of spreading of the cancer cells throughout the body. By then, it was really too late. That is what happened to my father. He was checked during the Summer of 1978 and nothing abnormal was detected. Six months later, the doctor could feel something. A surgical procedure discovered that by December of 1978 it was in his bones and all over his body.

All they had to treat him with back then was chemo therapy...and not anywhere near the variety that is available today. What we didn't know back in 1979 is that chemo therapy was rarely effective in treating advanced metestatic prostate cancer. It might add a little time to your life, but that time was filled with pain, nausea, vomiting and a host of other unpleasant side effects. Today, from what I understand, it is rarely used.

They didn't know about shooting it with a proton beam from an accellerator type of device aimed by a computer. They didn't know about implanting radioactive beads. A robot to guide surgery was only seen in comic books or on episodes of Star Trek and Lost in Space.

Back in the 1970s, I was a pretty good science student and I was convinced that by the turn of the century we would all be going to work in flying cars like the Jetsons. I am still waiting for that to happen.

Of course, I was also one of those people that thought that the human race would be advanced enough by the year 2000 that wars would only exist in history and world peace would be the norm. Yet, I digress....sorry...

Now this doctor, who is a surgeon by trade, thinks I would do better with suppression of male hormones (testosterone) and shooting a bunch of female hormones into me over the period of a year. Prostate cancer cells need testosterone to thrive and the opposite of that helps to suppress them.

I wonder why Elizabeth is liking the hormone therapy option? Could it be that she wants to have another sister in the house? Is it because she wants me to suffer like she has over the years with her issues and she feels a little bit of justice in having her husband force fed female hormones and experiencing constant menopause for a year? I would suspect she or any other woman might feel a sense of justice about that.

I have often told her over the years, "Honey, I dont read minds. Tell me what you want." Any married man reading this knows how well that works....NOT! Maybe she thinks I will somehow magically be tuned to her mental frequency and finally learn to fully anticipate her desires. I don't know....but it is funny to think about.

'Nuff said for today. I will visit with a doctor I know at CTRC tomorrow and see what he says.

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  1. Ah! Getting caught up, but it seems you have just broken the silence with this, so I don't think I missed anything. World peace and flying's an age thing. I still have visions of such grandeur in my lifetime....then, again, I will usually say "I know it's a pipe dream." Hmmmm..... hormone treatment. Menopausal??? Fascinating...